Create a concept given its schema, name, concept.
The concept can be specified as public or private (public concepts may be included in Syntegra's group of concepts available to all users).

Important When defining a concept below, if you draft a Query then click to open the Connector drop down you will lose your work! The definition array has elements that are of type Union. For each element there is a corresponding UI component with both a Query form collapsible and a Connector drop down. To add the next element in the array be sure to click Add at the bottom of the definition component which loads a new UI component. Also, be sure to add elements in alternating order by type starting with Query. Here are some helpful steps to follow:

  1. click Add
  2. draft Query
  3. click Add
  4. choose Connector
  5. click Add
  6. draft second Query
  7. etc.
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