This page will help you get started with Syntegra's Data API.


Syntegra's Data API provides access to synthetic healthcare data. The API helps you to perform the following actions:

  • List synthetic datasets you have access to, understand their schemas and get a quick view of sample data from these datasets.
  • Define medical concepts and cohorts of interest, and use those to download a specific cohort of patients from the dataset into your local work environment (Python notebook, R notebook, SAS, or anything else).

How to access the API

The Syntegra Data API can be accessed at its base web address: The endpoints handle requests over HTTP and return JSON objects representing patient cohorts, saved concepts and datasets ready for download.

Getting Access to the API

We use an API key to authenticate users with access to the API. To obtain your api key sign up here. After sign up you will receive your api-key via email. If you have lost the key, or did not receive such an email please email us at [email protected] for help.



keep your API key private.
Your API key is like a password. Keep it protected and don't use it in code viewable to others, like in Javascript on your website.

RESTful Interface

Wherever possible, the API seeks to implement repeatable patterns with logical, representative URLs and descriptive HTTP verbs. You will see the HTTP verbs GET and POST throughout the documentation.