Cohorts are built using concepts and used to get data from datasets.


A cohort is a list made up of one or more concepts and are specific to a schema (A cohort must have the same schema as all included concepts).

For example the cohort below references two concepts, "clm_miscarriage" and "clm_postpartum", (you can reference concepts by name or id) and is built for the CLAIMS_TUVA_SCHEMA:

"name": "clm_pregnancy_with_postpartum_depression"
"definition": [
"private": False

This cohort could then be used with the Get Data endpoint to gather data on patients who had a pregnancy and postpartum depression for any dataset with the "CLAIMS_TUVA_SCHEMA" schema, for example CLAIMS_TUVA_SAMPLE.

Concepts and cohorts can get very complicated, making sure all possible ways a concept can be encoded are covered. With that in mind, we offer a large number of public concepts and cohorts to jumpstart your ability to download and explore cohorts.

A concept that is marked at private will not be offered to other users. A concept that is marked public may be offered if it will help the community.



If a cohort has been submitted as public and private it will be marked as public for all users.


The information you will receive when either listing cohorts or getting information on a specific cohort is:

  • id: the id of the cohort
  • name: the name of the cohort
  • status: whether the cohort
  • schema: the schema of the cohort
  • definition: the definition of the cohort
  • sql_query: the sql query that is created from the cohort definition


You can list all cohorts here.

For a given cohort you can: